With the Vou Aprender Português course, start from zero and achieve a conversational level of Portuguese.

Master grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation, and gain practical tips for navigating Brazilian culture. Begin your journey to fluency today from the comfort of your own home.

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In this course you'll find everything you need to kickstart your learning journey, from the basics to building conversational skills.

Course Features:

  • 10 modules
  • Over 100 video lessons in Portuguese with English subtitles
  • Written materials with comprehensive explanations in both English and Portuguese
  • Over 200 practice exercises
  • Concise summaries
  • Support for any questions the learner may have


  • Comprehensive pronunciation course
  • FREE EBOOK: "Portuguese for Travel"
  • Correction of texts written by the student
  • Lifetime access to course lessons
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Explore examples of our video lessons and written materials below to gain insight into our course content.

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Teacher Diego Brian

Diego Brian was born in a small town in the state of Minas Gerais and raised in Brasília, the capital of Brazil. He has a degree in Computer Science and a postgraduate degree in Teaching Portuguese to Foreigners. Fluent in English and Spanish.

He currently works as a Portuguese teacher on italki, where he has accumulated over 4000 hours of teaching experience, helping students worldwide improve their Portuguese proficiency.

Since 2020, he has been producing videos for YouTube and creating content for Instagram, with thousands of followers and over 750k views! Click on the buttons below to discover more about Diego's work.


What proficiency levels does the "Portuguese for Beginners" course cover?
The "Portuguese for Beginners" course is designed to guide learners through the A1 and A2 proficiency levels, as defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). These levels encompass foundational knowledge and basic communication skills, offering a solid foundation for Portuguese learners.
Will the course make me fluent in Portuguese?
No, this course is designed to provide you with a solid foundation in Portuguese, covering levels A1 and A2 according to the CEFR. While it serves as an excellent guide and offers essential information, achieving fluency requires consistent practice and immersion in the language.
How do I access the course?
Accessing the course is simple. Once you've enrolled, you'll receive login information sent directly to your email inbox. The course is hosted on the Hotmart platform, ensuring a smooth learning experience. From there, you can access the course from anywhere, using any device of your choice.
Is the Hotmart platform trustworthy?
Yes, Hotmart is widely regarded as a trustworthy platform. It has built a strong reputation for reliability and security in hosting digital products, such as online courses, e-books, and various digital content. Users can trust Hotmart to ensure secure transactions and provide dependable customer support. The platform has garnered positive feedback from both product creators and buyers, further reinforcing its reputation for trustworthiness.
Is the platform easy to use?
Yes, the platform is very user-friendly, even for those who may not be tech-savvy. Additionally, in the first module, you'll find a complete tutorial that explains how the course works and how to access the lessons. This ensures that everyone can navigate the platform effortlessly and get started with their learning journey smoothly.
Will I have access to all the 10 modules at once?
No. Initially, you'll have access to the first 2 modules of the course. After 8 days, you'll gain access to all 10 modules, allowing you to progress through the entire course at your own pace.
When will I finish the course?
There isn't a simple answer to this question because the pace at which you progress through the course is entirely up to you. The course is divided into 10 modules, each packed with new information. We recommend spending at least 1 week on each module, so it will take you a minimum of 10 weeks to complete. The course was designed to be completed in a total of 60 hours, but you may take more or less time depending on your individual learning speed and schedule.
Can I cancel at any time?
You can cancel within the first 7 days of confirming your enrollment and receive a full refund. However, after this period, cancellation is not possible.
How do I pay for this course?
Payment for the course is made via Credit Card or Paypal.
Can I use any device to access the lessons?
Although accessible on mobile devices, using a computer is recommended for a more immersive experience.
I'm not a beginner. Is this course also for me?

This course primarily focuses on providing comprehensive learning materials for beginners, covering levels A1 and A2 according to the CEFR. However, it offers high-quality materials that can serve as a quick and complete source of reference for learners at various stages of their Portuguese language journey.

If you consider yourself an intermediate or advanced student seeking more tailored guidance and instruction, we recommend considering 1-to-1 classes with teacher Diego Brian. You can find more information about these personalized classes here.

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